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Killing Sharks: De Profundis
by Eric Wentz

"From the remote villages of Afghanistan to the depths of the ocean, Lieutenant Commander Grant Chisolm is on a mission to thwart jihadists. Dive into the explosive world of terrorism and those fearless enough to fight it in 'Killing Sharks".

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Piercing the Veil
by Eric Wentz

In 1941 the precursor to the OSS and the CIA combined with British SAS to produce an elite fighting force whose mission it was to carry out subversive activities against the fascist regimes of Europe, actions that continue to resonate in the world today. These activities play a very important role in Piercing the Veil.

A warrior with the intellectual agility of a Delphic oracle, Lieutenant Commander Grant Chisolm leads his exceptionally highly-trained, well-equipped team of SEALs into the heart of darkness. His highly secretive mission is to rescue hostages taken by the charismatic and cunning leader of a major insurgency in sub-Saharan Africa. He is forced to confront the irrationality of malevolent genius, bureaucratic quackery posing as government, and the link between a man's past indiscretions and present death and destruction.

As he becomes more deeply involved in this extremely dangerous mission, he discovers that his own life is a mirror of ancestral ambitions that reveal themselves through an unexpected discovery for which nothing could have fully prepared him. The historical implications of his discoveries are truly breathtaking. His warrior quest is the stuff of legend and the crucible is bequeathed by mythical figures only to those who are worthy. Chisolm learns firsthand that not only the sins, but also the blessings, of his family must be borne to discover the true purpose of his life.

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