Now, I will tell you this story, and when you have heard it, perhaps you will become more cautious when you reply to questions put to you.


Chapter 1 THE KILLING GAMES | Page 5

Lying on his back in complete darkness, Mark Chisolm gasped in exhaustion and triumph. In the cool and lifeless granite cavern, he turned over onto his belly with his legs extended and his hard and muscular frame still tense with anticipation and exertion.  His sweat glistened on his face, dark with oily black camouflage paint, and his whole body melded its wetness into the soften woolen pants, cap, and jacket that absorbed the slight sounds of his own movements on the hard stone. The prospect of discovery left him attempting to quell his still heavy breathing from his rapid ascent to his recently found lair. He listened.          

Chapter 2 TIGHT LIPS AND BANTER | Page 19

A red fox lingered in a three-point pose, echoing the silence of the white snow as it stepped softly toward the paw prints where the half woods grew.  Its coal black eyes punctuated the face as snowflakes fell on its smoldering frame, a blushing ember ready to flare.  A finger of wood prodded a white rabbit from its burrow as it jolted and swirled blindly into the jaws of the quick red flame. 

Chapter 7 GODLESS AND SILENT | Page 57  

"This, Father is the same blue stone out of which Moses carved the Ten Commandments.  I have met a holy man, and to such as you, I bequeath this emblem of respect." He placed the ring on the finger of his still bound hands.  He then signed and said for all to hear, "I do not hate you, infidel.  I am just a man with no imagination and one so steeped in blood I can find no reason to other than I do."

Omar rose and climbed the stone passageway that led to the iron grating, which two of them lifted open with difficulty. They ascended into the sanctuary of the old Crusader Church. As they left it and walked into the courtyard of the ancient fortification, Omar Hussein thought to himself, I am a good man, for I make holy men better and bad men worse. I so enjoy my work.    

Chapter 15 SPEEDING TO SPEAN BRIDGE | Page 108  

For a few seconds, the car floated on the water, then the front end started to sink, and the truck rolled over to the right. Since both windows were open, the truck was awash in seconds. The driver's-side door was jammed shut from the impact.  The big man, however, pushed his door open and started to crawl out onto the truck, which suddenly went down. His head bobbed to the surface. He floundered and splashed about for several seconds, gulping for air and swallowing water and then sank and rose again and repeated his agony, although with less energy and more pain. He sank again and then feebly rose once more to the surface, his arms in agony and unable to even splash and appeal to the heavens to save him.

"Allah! Allah!!" he shouted ...   

Chapter 17 MOTHERS AND MAYHEM | Page 120   

From a considerable distance, Margaret Collins could see her cubs approaching.  She waved with both arms above her head.  They waved back, including Carruthers, who delighted in the supportive, familial atmosphere, and Blanche, who lagged behind in her now slightly uncomfortable street shoes and with the burden of an all night drive.  They trooped through the heather as the boys sang, "We are marching to Praetoria, Praetoria. We are marching to Praetoria, my love," another of their mother's contributions to their learning all things strange and wonderful about the world.  After a minute or so, Carruthers and Mermac joined in.  The singing lasted until they began their actual climb up Ben Nevis. Mother looked on like some Celtic goddess who knows that the progeny nearing from the valley bring gifts of love and a quest for her knowledge. 

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