The imagery of Wentz’ style combines with nuance and layered story telling in ways that I found compelling. I was riveted from the very beginning. He poses questions that compel answers even when we must grope in the dark for them.

—Christina Wu, Analyst, (Dept. of State, retired)


This is a most captivating adventure story. It is as much an exaltation of the ancestors of humanity who compelled us to strive for greater purpose in our lives as it is about dangers of ignoring the evils of society. Wentz lifts the veil on forgotten stories, forgotten legacies, and forgotten perils. He demonstrates that the past is a constant presence that prods the good to do their duty.

—Tomas Darius, formerly of British Consulate, Dubai


Wentz’ book should make certain people feel uncomfortable while making the rest of us glad we are not one of his targets.

Wentz takes his pen, dips it in poison, and stabs with it repeatedly. As a retired soldier and author of several books myself, I am reminded that some people construe sharp pens for the pointy end of a spear. Lord have mercy!




The breadth of knowledge in a variety of fields that it took to write this book is staggering. Wentz is obviously an experienced professional, quite possibly, in several fields.

Sparkling, funny, and exquisitely entertaining. This is a great book for those who enjoy intrigue and the beauty of the written word. This is a book for people who like to read.

—M. Hague, Dept. of English, American University



I found more truths and insights in Wentz’ book about the personalities that create problems and solutions in the world than in all the factoids posing as journalism.

—Ralph D. (USN, retired)

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