Piercing the Veil - Eric Wentz




“Wentz has crafted an exciting adventure novel à la Tom Clancy.  Numerous twists and turns in the murky political crosscurrents of the modern world vividly display the power of good vs. evil, courage vs. cowardice, and compassion vs. cruelty. 

A new hero is born in Piercing the Veil.”

                                  - Arthur M. Kunath LTC, USAR (Retired)

  There is one question every great warrior must answer.

In 1941 the precursor to the OSS and the CIA combined with British SAS to produce an elite fighting force whose mission was to carry out subversion against fascist regimes in Europe—a subversion that continues to resonate in the contemporary world.  The fascism then re-emerges in the Islamist extremism and heretical Christian occultism of today.

         A warrior with the constitutional forbearance of a diamond and the intellectual agility of a Delphic oracle, Lieutenant Commander Grant Chisolm leads his exceptionally trained and equipped SEAL team into the heart of darkness.  His quest to rescue hostages taken by the charismatic and cunning leader of a major insurgency in sub-Saharan Africa forces him to confront the irrationality of malevolent genius, bureaucratic quackery posing as government, and the link between a man’s past indiscretions and present death and destruction. 

        Along the way he discovers that his own life is a mirror of ancestral ambitions that reveal themselves through unexpected teachers and events for which only spiritual exercises can wholly prepare him.  His warrior quest is the stuff of legend and the crucible bequeathed by mysterious figures only to those who are worthy.  Chisolm learns first hand that not only the sins, but also the blessings of one’s forbearers must be borne to discover the true purpose of his military training as well as his life. 

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Military photos courtesy of SSgt. Daniel Kozar (Ret.), United States Marine Corps